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Photo Fun

Photos are a very fun and creative way to bring a story to life, or to simply capture special moments in time. For my Digital Media Class, this week focuses on photos and editing. The head shot below is of my son. I started with a nice crop. Not too tight, we still have some space around his body, but I am still following “the rule of thirds” idea, with the main focus of my little model being in the lower left sides. Next, I added an effect called “Orton” which is how we see this soft focus. If you feel the need to put glasses on, it’s not you, that just how this effect works. Anyway, I used a bloom of 25 percent because I didn’t want the effect to overpower my image. The bloom is the strength of the soft focus. My assignment required some text so I added a simple “Larena’s Photography.” The font used is called “great vibes.” Next, I added the black edges. With such a neutral background, I felt like something was missing. Lastly, I adjusted the resolution a bit and this just so happens to be the smallest photo at 300×208. The resolution refers to the amount of pixels in an image, which affects the quality and size of a photo.

This photo was taken in our front yard and edited with PicMonkey.
This photo was taken in our front yard and edited with a free online editing tool called PicMonkey.
This photo was taken on a cloudy Halloween morning at Oakmont Memorial Park and Mortuary in Lafayette, Calif.

Photo number two is one I really enjoyed taking. My lens is not dirty, those white specs that you see are sprinkles of rain. I first cropped this photo to close in on my flowers, however, I did not want to go in too much and lose the tree in the top left. This assignment was to capture a landscape. Next, I added a filter called, “boost.” It intensifies the colors and with many other filters, your main options typically result in losing color, so this was perfect. I did not want to add too much else besides the text because with landscape photos, it is quit easy to ruin the natural beauty. This photo is a bit larger than the one above, the resolution here is 3000×2148, which is usually the recommended size for images.


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