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A Walk Away From Reality

This week’s focus is audio. Audio is important in a story because it adds emotion, timeliness and proximity. Watching a video on mute would not be very interesting, right? Audio is what keeps us reeled in to a video or image. This project was a very open one, focusing more so on being able to edit multiple soundbites, and then tie them in together. My first clip is my narration, the second is of my interview, and the third clip is the footsteps. The footsteps are my favorite because they give an emphasis on what should have been ambient sound. This makes the audience feel as if, they too, are on this walk. I edited my voice from the interview to be completely out, so that a story is being told, rather than you listening to another interview. I used a free editing tool, Audacity, to overlap and edit the audio. The footsteps are on a loop so that they continuously repeat during Anthony’s narration. Due to some technical difficulties, I had to record from my digital recorder onto the mic on my laptop, rather than simply import the media. This is why my audio is not as crisp as it should be.

Anyway, once I completed the editing, I exported the Wave file to an MP3. Next, I made a free account on Mixcloud in order to embed the audio into this blog page. The photo of my subject was not a part of the assignment, however, I felt the need to meet the visual needs of my audience. And what better picture than that of my subject’s lovely footsteps?

Antioch resident, Anthony Cordova, 26, enjoys his morning walks at the Antioch Regional Trail to take a pause from the chaos of life.

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