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Ebola in the UK

Just when we thought the rise of Ebola had fallen, we were wrong. According to, Pauline Cafferkey from the United Kingdom has been discharged after being treated for the virus, just yesterday. pauline

The article states that on Dec. 29, the 39-year-old Glasgow, Scotland, resident was diagnosed after returning from Sierra Leone. She was taken to the Royal Free Hospital after being said to be in critical condition. Ebola-Outbreak-NPR

Cafferkey was volunteering in South Africa for Save the Children Ebola treatment center. According to the non-profit, “the Ebola outbreak was first identified in West Africa, it has evolved into the largest, most severe and complex outbreak in the history of the disease.”

Save the Children’s mission is to bring awareness to the epidemic and help those who have lost loved ones to the battle of Ebola. While those who work hard to minimize the contraction of the virus, they must also take precautions to protect themselves. A fellow member, Carolyn describes the process. ” I wash my hands in chlorinated water from a small bucket with a spout everywhere I go, as my shoes are sprayed with the same chlorine solution each time I get in and out of a vehicle or go into a building, as I try to remember to shake hands with no one, to touch no one, to not get too close, even to my own colleagues.”


Will Cafferkey return to West Africa? “I just want to go back to my normal job, my normal life, and I think my family will be happy with that as well.” she tells a rep from The Guardian.

The impact of the crisis is thought to be far greater, as not all cases have been reported, tested or diagnosed. Across the region, there are 22.3 million people living in areas where Ebola transmission has occurred.


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