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Body Parts Found in San Francisco: Arrest Made

The sunshine and warm weather brought a positive ambiance to San Franciscans last week. The sunshine came to halt when dismembered body parts were found in a  suitcase late Wednesday afternoon on 11th and Mission Street. mission

Police officers made the discovery and began searching nearby trash cans. Approximately one block away from the initial discovery is where police found more body parts. According to CBS News.

“The gruesome discovery horrified people who work and live around here. Many of them told us they saw people acting suspiciously before the body parts were found.” ABC 7 News reports.

“It wasn’t a full body. We can’t confirm what body parts have been found.” Officer Gatpandan tells CBS News. gatpandan

Mark Andrus
Andrus,59, who is covered with a sheet, was arrested Saturday in connection with the crime.

Police searched through surveillance videos from nearby businesses, but did not see anything useful for the case. However, on Friday, San Francisco’s Homicide Unit received an anonymous tip tying Mark Andrus,59, to the case.

Police went the public housing building on the 400 block of Turk Street and arrested Andrus. He was booked into County Jail early Saturday morning, but has not yet been charged for the crime.

At this time, investigators are working with the DNA lab at the CA Department of Justice Bureau of Forensic Services in order to identify the victim.

Until then, the case will remain open. Anyone with information may contact the San Francisco Police Department’s Homicide Unit at 415.553.1145.



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