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Bay Area Rapper Killed in Oakland

A Bay Area rapper, Dominic Newton, 37, was shot and killed in Oakland last Monday night. Friends of Newton believe that the bullet was intended for someone else. “He had problems with nobody. He’d give you his shoes off his feet.” says a friend of Newton, Reggie Grant, according to NBC Bay Area News.


The artist, known as “The Jacka,” was said to be on a sidewalk with a few of his friends inside of a van when shots were fired on 94th Avenue and MacArthur Boulevard. Fans mourned over the loss and came together for candle lightings in both the rapper’s hometown, Pittsburg Calif. and in Oakland, just two days after the incident occurred.

jacka meorial oak

While Newton has been a prominent artist in Bay Area rap music for the past 16 years, his fans are not the only ones to suffer from the loss. He was a father, son and brother before an artist. He inspired many to his community and offered jobs within his own record label, The Artist Records.

Fans question his latest album, What Happened To The World, with its apocalyptic-like tracks such as, “I’m Leavin'” which feature newscasts that speak of a murder in East Oakland.

KTVU spoke with friend and fellow artist, Stanley Cox, also known as Mistah Fab, “He was always positive. Even in his darkest night, he always shed light and to me, that’s what I’m going to remember more than anything.” jackawall

The San Francisco Chronicle reports, “It’s a refrain heard last week throughout the hip-hop world, from Oakland to Los Angeles to New York, about a loss that’s being mourned on the same scale as fellow Bay Area rap giants Tupac Shakur and Andre “Mac Dre” Hicks.”

Newton’s death is the eleventh homicide this year in Oakland. Police still have no suspects tied in to the murder of Newton and offer a $20,000 reward to anyone with information that may lead to the gunman. Contact the Oakland Police Department at 510.238.3641 if you have any relevant information.



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