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Creating video with your Smart Phone

This project is all about using your Smartphone to create a video story. The project calls for the app Videolicious, however, I could not find it in my app store so I am assuming that it is not available for Androids. I went ahead and used Magisto instead. I added some video and photos of my 9-month-old daughter. The idea was to capture “Life with Lili.”

The app allowed me to select a few files, and the length is limited with the free trial. Once the images and video are in, then you may customize a theme. There are a few options to choose from and even more if you purchase the app. Next, I selected the song. I didn’t get to dig too deep into the music because there are only a few songs to choose from. I imagine that once the app is purchased, the variety is much bigger.

Finally, I selected “make my movie.” This process only took about two minutes. Once the video is created, the app gives you a preview and you have the option to make any tweaks necessary, then save and upload to whatever platform you choose. I enjoyed this project, but wish that the app itself weren’t so limited. Most of its features need to be unlocked. Anyway, enjoy! Feel free to share your own creations with me. Click on Life With Lili to view.


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