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4 tips to help create blog posts that don’t suck

Blogs are everywhere.

Your neighbor has a blog, the place you work for does and even news outlets have blog pages.

Readers enjoy them because they deliver information in chunks and typically include eye catching GIFs, videos and images.

BUT, no one cares about your blog post if they don’t see it.

Social media is the main source when it comes to these types of articles. The stories are shareable on just about every channel, but no one cares to click when they see just another blog post. 

  1. The story is as good as its title. 

Maybe not to the writer, sure. But when a reader sees, “When to use different shutter speeds” they keep scrolling.

Instead, the writer should use second-person pronouns to appeal to the reader on a human level. Including the words “you” and “your” in the title alone will make a huge difference in the traffic to your blog post.


2. Make your reader cry, laugh, or even scare them.

Appealing to your audiences hopes, fears and emotions in general will help capture their attention long enough to click your story. When they share it, they are sharing the emotion it conjured up. Buzzfeed pulled this one off wonderfully in their story, 21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity.


3. Catch them off-guard. 

Susannah Breslin, an award winning blogger, says to, “pick a niche that isn’t boring.” Her blog was called, The Reverse Cowgirl.

Young writers often select topics they think their audience cares about (guilty), when in reality, the story should be important to the author. When you truly care about what it is you are sharing, you pour your heart and soul into it. You put the effort in and go the extra mile. If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a blogger, is that the deepest and darkest topics you touch on, bring the most interactions.

Of course you need to appeal to the audience, just don’t be so predictable.

4. Choose your images wisely. 

Lastly, imagery is everything. People don’t want to spend time reading a thousand word article. The convenience of blog posts is that they are considered to be snackable content. Don’t be afraid to incorporate GIFs, memes, brightly colored photos and snap shots of social media posts.

Social media has been a huge contributor to blog traffic and will continue to do so. But, you still have to do the footwork to get your blog seen.

What’s working for your blog?