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“Get Out” movie review

The same producers who brought you “Insidious” and “The Visit” have teamed up with Jordan Peele for “Get Out.” In other words, we knew it’d be good before we even saw the trailer.

Resembling “The Stepford Wives,” this film has a common theme – everyone knows something you and the main character don’t know and the suspense leaves you on the edge of your seat.

Peele classifies his first film as a “social-thriller,” a new genre he coined himself and it is just that. The film was released in February of 2017, during such a divisive time in the U.S.

The main character, Chris, (Daniel Kaluuya) and his girlfriend Katie, (Allison Williams) are a madly-in-love, young, bi-racial couple. The plot begins when she invites him to meet her family.

But this isn’t your typical meet-the-parents deal. Already hesitant, Chris agrees, as Katie has him wrapped around her sweet little finger.

Throughout the movie, Chris has a buddy he calls as things take a turn for the worst. He’s your average best friend you’ve known since high school. The writers make him likable from the very beginning.

The film takes you on a journey of interracial love gone completely creepy and wrong. From hypnosis, to the discovery of missing people, to organ stealing and a shady twist.

But does Chris make it out alive, or does he fall victim to hypnosis? What happens to Katie? You have to check it out for yourself. This eerie film is definitely worth making the trip to the theater.